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Gluten Free detoxing

Greetings Beautiful peeps,

Long time since my last published.  So sorry, I’ve been busy with the business, continuo study, yoga, meditation, life and most of all, my health was not doing so good.

This picture was taken 5 days after 2 days in ER  with symptoms I’ve been having since I was a young girl, food reaction likes.  Sometimes worsen than others.  I knew this picture is not very clear and that was how I was feeling.  But let me make it very clear I never went to work if I knew I’ll not do my job well.  I’m by appointment only I absolutely value all my clients times and I my job.  I was still tired.

Like I mentioned I’ve been living with food allergies reactions for a very long time.  I saw many doctors, I got many tests.  I tried many different diets, nothing worked.  I was not depressed at all.  But I felt that I’d enough of this.  This is not living at all. The symtoms are taking over my life.  A few days before going into the ER, I had MRI  done for my brain, I was having bad headache and blur vision.

Two doctors in the short week after ER, they wanted me to be on Depression or Anxiety medicines.  Because mind and body connection and I am truly believe that.  And I actually tried that many years ago, did not help and causes me more health issues.  Mmm, I’m not gonna deny I probably am a bit crazy..LoL.

Many year now, I started doing my own research in everything from Nutrition, Digestion, Cancers and Celiac Disease, basically self-help.  But because all my tests always came back normal.  So I never stick with any type of special diet.  When the doctors mentioned about Anxiety again…no way!  And with all these happening, my family started to realize and they all are involved with my getting better.  And we decided I’d go on Celiac disease detoxing and made appointment to see this special doctor we got a refer to and coming up soon.

As of Today is my 6th day of detoxing and I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling. The person whom referred me to her doctor also told me that there is NO PILL OR MEDICINE for this disease.  I’ll keep feeling better with knowing what to eat.  OMG, I got to learn more about Celiac disease.  And I’m so excited to share what I found out so far with you.

Food Allergies are the body’s abnormal responses to harmless foods.  The reactions are caused by the immune system’s reaction to some food proteins.


  1.  Food allergy is different from Food intolerance.
  2.  Food allergy is also known as food hypersensitivity.
  3. Food allergy is caused when a person eats something that the immune system incorrectly identifies as harmful.

Reactions can occur in minutes or in up to 2 hours after the person ate the food.

Symtoms;  swelling of the tongue, diarrhea and hives.  In most severe reaction is anaphylaxis which could be life-threatening.

Food intolerance is not related to the immune system.  But in digestive, that person experience stomach pain or bloating for several hours after having the foods.  People who are food-intolerant can sometimes consume that food and not experience intolerance symptoms.

All those above I’ve!  If  you’d like to find more information please go to TFD “Medical-dictionay”

Furthermore I also found ‘Nadine Grzeskowiak, rn, bsn, cen’

She is confirming more to me that I finally found my life long answer to what I’ve been suffering from.  Her Youtube she said that “your health is all about food that you consume.  Food can be medicine or slowly painful poison”.  99% she mentioned about the symptoms like numbness, skin rash, muscle and joint pain, thyroid disorder, migraines, urinary, vitamins deficiencies, acne, itchy skin, etc.  I have and I always tell me people I have to do a lot of treatment on myself to keep up.  The most important thing of all is that her test for Celiac Disease was normal!!  She mentioned about stomach yeast infection. I had bacteria in my stomach many years ago.  Not sure about those the same or not.

I’m so grateful I found these informations, super helpful.  ER was my low point and I’m grateful for my family for being there and did not let me give up and looking for solutions and being there for me.  Also I’m grateful for my clients for amazing supports and I’m also grateful for my friends for checking up on me.

We all want a happy life..a peaceful life.  From the beginning I already believe beautiful skin is from the inside out.  I’m still here feeling amazing than ever because of changing my diet.  My quality of life is so much better I still can’t believe it.  Gluten Free is not a JOKE!.  It’s not a trend it’s not high-maintenance!  It’s about living healthy.  Food is truly medicine.

Thank you for reading and Cheers 😉