Back Treatment and Body Treatment

Scalp Treatment  starting @ $25/20 min


Back facials are beneficial in cleansing those hard to reach areas.  Treatment targets a variety of skin concerns such as clogged pores, back acne and sun damaged.  This treatment includes deep cleansing, toner, exfoliant, ionizing steam treatment, extractions and purifying mask.  A light massage is performed to stimulate circulation.

                                                            Starting @  $75/65 min.

Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

Anti-aging for your hands.  Help hydration, repair damage due to UV exposure, daily use and abuse.  Also even out skin tone.  Your hands will feel smoother, soft, elegant and silky

                                                                  Starting @  $45/30 min.

Sea Salt Body Polish

Fragrant dead sea salts and essential oils are massaged gently onto the skin, providing increased circulation and deep exfoliation, leaving the skin smooth and silky.  Including Scalp massage.

                                                               Starting @ $85/70 min.

Peppermint Sea Twist Detox wrap

This slimming body-shaping treatment stimulates, rejuvenates, and purifies the skin.  Ideal for sore muscles, water retention, and cellulite.  Including Scalp massage.

                                                                Starting @  $95/75 min.

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